Plastic can make me sick!

20160210 026 plastics1

The piles of seaweed have been around on the beach for weeks now. Many of the fronds have been broken down into very small pieces. Teresa was photographing them on the beach and found a lot of small pieces of plastic mixed in with the natural seaweed. The pieces of seaweed will quickly be recycled in the food chain but the plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces that never go away!

I and many other marine animals can easily think a small piece of plastic is food. I quickly spit the plastic out if I realise in time but, should I swallow it by mistake, any nasty chemicals that have stuck to it might make me ill or die.

Please think seriously about how YOU can help me and the other creatures by using less plastics, especially the ones that are thrown away after one use. For example, I mean bottles of water and fizzy drinks. The drink is drunk and the plastic bottle is thrown away. Please dispose of it in the recycling bin but, even better, get a re-usable bottle and refill it from the tap. If you all did this, you could make a big difference to your world and mine.

Up to 20 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year. Did you know that there is now a huge island in the ocean completely made of our rubbish! Take a look:

Please do YOUR bit to stop this pollution NOW.

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