Storm Desmond and the by-the-wind sailors


We’ve just had another storm, they’ve started giving them names now, this one was ‘Desmond’. The power of the waves has torn off a lot more kelp and thongweed (large seaweeds) from the rocks near my home. Some has ended up on the beach in large piles.

Teresa has been wandering along the beach when the seaweed first washes up to see if she can find animals like sea mat, blue-rayed limpets and even raspberry sea squirts among the piles. A special surprise was that Storm Desmond has just brought in a lot of by-the-wind sailors (see photograph) up onto the beach too! They look like small jellyfish but each one is a colony of tiny animals called hydroids. The colonies’ sails catch the wind, propel them across the sea and give them their great name!

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