Up and blogging again! What a blast – the Beast from the East

Bradley with eggs – they didn’t survive!

Oops, I’ve had a bit of a blogging blip, my human assistant Teresa has been ill and unable to help me put my thought bubbles into the blog. She’s up and running again now so my blog is too. And I’ve so much to tell you!

What did you think of that very cold snowy spell, ‘the Beast from the East’ I think you called it? Well that and the second freezing blast that followed was bad news for us tompot blennies and lots of other coastal marine animals. The inshore seawater temperature dropped to 7 degrees C (in normal winters it only drops to 9 degrees C) so, even though the daylight changes were telling us that it was time to breed, it was too chilly to swing into action. You can see in the photo that a female laid a few eggs with Bradley, one of the other male tompot blennies on the reef, at the end of February. Teresa thinks it was the unusually cold conditions that meant they were slow to develop and didn’t survive. We’re way behind where we were last year.

2 thoughts on “Up and blogging again! What a blast – the Beast from the East”

  1. Hi Benny, so glad to hear that your human assistant is now fighting fit and up and running again. I am hoping this year that Teresa may bring me out to see you, or at least where you live, I am not keen on diving so will have to watch from the surface with my mask and snorkel. Do you think the storms have finished now? Have fun over the summer. Sue

  2. WELCOME BACK BENNY AND TERESA. Sorry to hear you got so cold but hope the present better weather is suiting you better. Such wonderful photo of you. Best of luck

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