Becoming a Dad

Tompot pair in crevice, S Devon 1

The reason I fought to keep my territory in March was so that I have a safe place to raise my family. In April, I got my crevice ready to become a nursery by cleaning the floor and ceiling. I then released some special chemicals (called pheromones) from glands near my tail and wafted them into the surrounding seawater. This was to tell the local female tompot blennies that my home was ready for them to lay their eggs. The first female to visit, let’s call her ‘Belinda’, came bustling up and posed at the front of my crevice. I checked her out, liked what I saw and then invited her in. We got to know each other as I gave her a few pecks on the cheek and a gentle nudge. She had a good look round my home and it must have pleased her because she laid a batch of beautiful purple eggs on the floor of my crevice. I fertilised her eggs quickly. I’m going to be a Dad!!

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