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 What you can do to help Benny the Blenny keep our beaches and seas clean and healthy


Bag it and bin it, don’t flush it.

Cut up every six-pack holder before it goes in the bin, as land animals and marine animals can get tangled in them and die.

Encourage your Mum and Dad to use ECO friendly products for cleaning and washing.

Reduce your consumption of water, for example don’t run the tap when you are cleaning your teeth.

Do not buy any dried starfish, exotic shells or shells. Most are collected when they are alive!!

Read and learn more about the beach and sea



Be kind to marine animals, for example if you are crabbing don’t keep too many together in a bucket and put them back quickly. Handle all animals carefully.

If you go rock pooling put all the animals back where you found them and if you turn over a rock, put it back.

Leave seaweed in place.

Don’t trample through rock pools.

Take all your litter home with you, and recycle as much of it as possible.

 Leave only footprints in the sand!


 Thank you