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"A fantastic book to interest and involve children in marine life. Fascinating wow! facts on most pages and will definitely be a Wow! with children!

Join ‘Benny the blenny’ on a virtual dive into Britain’s shallow seas. Fantastic underwater photographs show his habitat and how he is adapted to live there. Children will engage with Benny’s commentary and, through special zoom-in boxes, delve into fascinating information on other fish, divers, seals, crabs, starfish and sea anemones. There are wonderful examples of biodiversity, adaptation, defence and predator-prey facts which can be used to build a food web. A great book for junior school libraries and KS2 science."

Janey Hulme, The Teacher.


“A great book for children of any age range. The world of life in British seas is beautifully opened up to stimulate young minds.”

Richard Harrington, Marine Conservation Society


“Benny’s shallow sea adventure shows how special UK shores are.  Interesting and informative, this book allows children to immerse themselves in fascinating facts and inspirational imagery.  We hope it encourages many to enjoy their own marine adventures in the future!”

Joan Edwards, The Wildlife Trusts