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Please CLICK anywhere on the POSTER below, to open a colourful marine life WHITEBOARD RESOURCE that gives you further information and WOW! facts about all the rock pool creatures and seaweed featured on the poster. 

You can also download this free resource as a PDF to print. It is best printed landscape at 77% scale.

Please note this poster has been sent out to Primary Schools in the ASE Primary Science magazine, thanks to Gratnells and the Association of Science Education.



Please CLICK on the POSTER.

My author Teresa, in liaison with the ASE, has created supporting rock pool TEACHING RESOURCES for the WHITEBOARD and a DOWNLOADABLE PDF for printing a classroom display. 

There are 18 A4 colour sheets with photographs and information for all the marine animals and seaweed featured on the ASE poster.

See below. These can be printed (landscape 77% scale) and make a fascinating colour co-ordinated display with the ASE poster in the centre. They could be laid out more spaciously than this, I was limited to get the lighting right for the photo.