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Recommended reference books and websites

Paul Naylor Great British Marine Animals 3rd Ed. 978-0-9522831-6-4 The wonderful diversity of animals that live in British seas are colourful, beautiful and have an amazing range of intriguing lifestyles. Even those we think of as familiar show surprising ways of getting food, defending themselves, reproducing and interacting with one another. In the rock pools, limpets fight for territory, sea anemones seize their prey with superbly armed tentacles, crabs hide away to shed their armour to grow and avoid being another crabs dinner and starfish pull open mussels to eat them.

Seashore Safaris Exploring rocky and sandy seashores with Judith Oakley 978-1-9055823-3-4 Not simply an identification guide, the book provides an introduction to marine conservation and the importance of protecting this delicate ecosystem. stunning underwater photographs showing British marine life, habitats and behavioural sequences.